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     Ždiar is typical village with its excellent conditions for winter and summer tourism, sport, skiing.
     In winter is Ždiar oasis for skiing, there are ski resorts - Strednica, Bachledova dolina, Ski + Jezersko, Ski Strachan and other smaller private lifts.
     Summer is suitable for alpine tourism and beautiful walking and biking around. (The possibility of borrowing a bike in the village).
     In Tatranská Kotlina - 7 km you will find unique stalactite caves.
     Tatranska Lomnica - 17 km can be exported to a cable that we offer you.
     Javorina - 10 km offers wonderful walking in the intact nature and the possibility of walking to the hunting castle of Prince Hohenlohe Kristian Kraft, whether to a unique wooden church of cypress wood.
     Possibility of swimming is year round in the thermal pool Vrbov 30 km, swimming pools are in Tatranska Lomnica, Javorina, Tatranská Kotlina, Aquapark with a number of activities in Poprad 39 km.
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